Fire crews tend to the building. Photo Credits: Kohen S.

Residents of a two story home in West Edmonton are experiencing some difficulties.

Late Wednesday Evening Edmonton Fire Rescue Service receive a call about a fire in town houses on 137 st and 115 ave reporting that there was a fire in one of the townhouses,  EFRS arrived on scene and quickly set up to tackle the fire all members of the house where evacuated prior and no injuries have been reported to happen.

Brentwood Residents in the area say that a possible cause of the fire could have been caused by children playing with fire in the upper parts of the condo, however nothing has been confirmed. Efforts within the community are underway, with a goal to to try help rebuild and aid the family as best as they can following the incident. We are expecting to have further information about the scene in the near future.

UPDATE: Brentwood homes were contacted however did not wish to make a statement post the incident. It was confirmed by a third party source that the fire was caused by accident, and did involve candle being the cause of the fire.


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