UPDATED: Forest Fire Near Bissett Road Causes Evacuations, Traffic Delays


Over a dozen homes remain under voluntary evacuation Sunday night, as fire crews from around Cole Harbour and Eastern Passage continue to battle a 20-acre blaze.

The fire was first reported at around 3:00PM, and crews arrived at approximately 3:15. They immediately began setting up command near the Salt Marsh Trail.

As the fire continued to spread with no end in sight, RCMP in coordination with Halifax Fire began considering evacuating some residents of the area and closing roads.

As the fire continued to gain power, residents from the bottom portion of Astral Drive, all the way to Lakeridge Crescent, were all put on a voluntary evacuation notice. Some roads, including Bissett Road, were also closed to non-residents. It was reported that around 85% of the citizens included in the evacuation took the recommendations. Later on Monday the evacuation notice was later cancelled and residence could return to their homes when they wanted.

Cole Harbour Place was later opened up to the public who were displaced because of the fire. Environment Canada issued an Air Quality Statement for the area, warning residents of “increased coughing, throat irritation, headaches or shortness of breath.” The Department of Natural Resources also deployed two helicopters to assist in the efforts.

According to Halifax Fire, more than two miles of high volume hoses were used to battle the forest fire, however the department has began to reduce their numbers, handing the scene over to the Department of Natural Resources.

“While no cause is known yet for this forest fire, Deputy Chief Hollett says the large majority of forest fires in NS are linked back to human involvement,” the city’s account tweeted earlier monday.

On June 11th, Halifax fire department along side DNR had decalred the fire to be under control.It’s estimated that more than 35 firefighters responded to the blaze, this included full time members as well volunteers.

Halifax Fire made a statement Tuesday morning saying for the next week they will assure that they have fire members patrolling the trail to assure that the fire doesn’t start again, due to dry and hot conditions.

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