Thousands in Nova Scotia left Powerless as “Winter-Bomb” Slams Region

Halifax, NS as of 12:46am. Photo credits: Ronald Clossley
Halifax, NS and all the maritimes were plumbed by a winter-bomb Thursday and Friday night, leaving nearly a quarter of a million Nova Scotians in the dark.

​Nova Scotia Power released a statement saying that “the storm isn’t over yet” that the weather movement will be an affect most of the province. Winds will be continuing through the night.

Within their statement they mention that they have multiple crew helping to restore the provinces power, however are hindered due to the winds being so strong forcing them to make a decision to wait until is safe to work. This will continue to cost families, businesses and schools difficulties operating.

Halifax Transit routes became harder to catch over time, some routes even being altered or totally cancelled for the time being.

Mayor Mike Savage made a statement today, saying “if you are in a flood prone area, you should be planning and evacuation plan as well as being ready to depart your house. some recommendations are to stay with friends or family in safer areas for the night, this however also to applies to communities with 1 access point.”

Halifax Public Safety stated that there were trees and and green signs on the ground. Some power lines in the HRM are only 6 feet off the ground, and Public Safety stated that there may still be some live. The MacKay Bridge was closed at 4:48 am Friday morning, and late re-opened.


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