Recap: Rock The Runway Edmonton


On Thursday April 19th, students from across the Edmonton school board came together with their fashion ideas at Kingsway Mall. Students had been separated into teams to create 3 garments, in which they would walk the runway in. Parents, friends and more had all around had came to watch. Bloggers like YEGtweetUP were also present and covering the whole event, taking pictures and giving live updates. The cause was to support the Edmonton Public School Foundation to send children to kindergarten.

Sasa Kovacevic, a student teacher, told SnowCovered that this event helped him get involved in the foundation, which had helped him give back as he had grown up in the Edmonton Public School system. His classmates along with himself had been doing extra work by creating comfy pillows and selling them, and so far they have made over 900 dollars in profit – which has all been donated to the foundation. With all the great things that Sasa has been doing, he was informed that he will be joining other teachers soon enough.

While there was no true winner, it was determined that everyone had one. For some they had won prizes from a draw, and one student won a five thousand dollar scholarship to MC College.

Artist and Performer Martin Kerr closed the event off with some tunes that many will have heard or will remember.

“I love to see young people taking initiative with their creativity and collaborating with each other on big projects… To me that’s really inspiring to see young people discovering their talents,” Kerr said.

There was no surprise that the four participating schools had created many unique looks with their own little twist. Kerr will be playing at the Winspear Centre in Edmonton on May 19th, accompanied by be a small orchestra. Tickets are still available.

Within the show, audience members saw a portion of the children who will benefit from the event dressing up and showing of some books, with everything from hockey players to pilots or maybe some stinky socks.


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