Nova Scotia Dissolving all English School Boards

Citadel High School in Halifax. Source: Wikipedia

The Nova Scotia provincial government has decided to move forward with a sweeping motion to dissolve the province’s seven elected regional school boards, instead moving to create a single provincial council, made up of people appointed the minister of education Zach Churchill.

The recommendation was made to by Avis Glaze, an education consultant for the province. In her report, she claimed that she believed school boards were confused, with unclear roles and responsibilities.

“I believe that by making these changes , we will see a system that is more unified, that is more responsive and able to adapt to the needs of our kids long term,” said the minister of education Wednesday.

Many members of boards and of the public are up in arms over the decision, with the president of the Nova Scotia School Boards Association citing concerns of “educational bureaucracy”.

In order to complete the change, The liberal government will amend the Education Act. Churchill said he has not asked that the House be recalled earlier than planned this spring, in order to get the new legislation passed as quickly as possible.


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