No Apparent Injuries Following Accident on 111 Avenue

The scene of the accident. Photo: Ethan Mason

Early Monday morning around 8:30 am, Edmonton residents experienced some slight delays on 111 Avenue and 128 Street due to a vehicle accident.

Fire crews arrived on scene as it appeared the vehicle had been in a collision on 111 Ave. The vehicle had been driving down the street, and struck a property on the side of the road. While Alberta Health Services was on scene, they only reported minor injuries and did not transport anyone to hospital. There is a possibility that distracted driving was a cause, however nothing has been confirmed. The female driver of the white SUV had collided with the property causing damage to a surrounding tree. Fire crews had blocked the lane for the accident, while the scene didn’t clean up till 9:30 Monday morning, since the accident occurred it appears like no other property damage is apparent.


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