Lower Sackville Fire Cause Determined


Earlier last week, the fire that claimed the lives of a 6 year old, 18 year old, and a 54 year old was concluded to have been caused by a cigarette that wasn’t extinguished properly, which led to spreading to a faulty electrical system which aided to the spread of the fire.

During a press conference, the chief made numerous comments on the importance of alerting gear, such as working carbon monoxide detectors and smoke detectors.

“Condolences go out to the family,” Chief Stuebing said.

Halifax Fire has a program, distributing monitors for those who cannot afford one. Those who cannot afford one are encouraged to call 311. This program allows HRFE to educate the public on fire safety and the signs of carbon monoxide.

HFRE is urging residences to check alarms every ten months to ensure they are working, or when it comes time to change clocks, to ensure resident owners are safe.


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