House Fire In Lake Echo Leaves Family Without Home


A residential fire in Lake Echo left a family without a home early Saturday morning.

According to Halifax Fire District Chief Kevin Dean, the fire caused quite a lot of damage.

“There’s smoke and flame damage throughout the entire interior, and the exterior wall on the [left side] is completely destroyed, as well as significant roof damage to the structure,” said Dean.

The call for fire crews originally came in at around 2:30AM Saturday, however an hour later, multiple crews from around the HRM had arrived on scene.

“I’d say that around 24 firefighters took part in this,” said Dean.

While crews work to contact the owner of the home, who was apparently away when the fire happened, an investigation crew will begin the task of finding how the blaze began.

Happily, Halifax Fire and RCMP confirmed that no injuries were reported from the fire.


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