UPDATED | Halifax Transit: Are Buses Using Dummy GPS Signals?

A MetroX bus sits at a stop in Halifax. Photo: CANFM

Ever since Halifax Transit implemented the ability for passengers to track their buses just over a year ago, many travelers have been skeptical on the location’s accuracy.

In the past, passengers had noted a clear difference between some buses locations on their phones, versus the real location of the bus.

“I use the transit app and find it pretty reliable,” said Reddit user ‘Not_A_BusDriver’.

“But even with that, if a bus loses itself on the GPS because it’s too late, or some of the time points are weird and literally just drop the GPS, then the app uses last known location and schedule to estimate where it should be.”

The user wasn’t the only person to have noted the same issue, however, as several other citizens of Halifax chimed in with their thoughts and experiences with the new technology.

“I just wish there was an icon that indicated “actually live” vs. “I’ve gone into default mode,” said user ‘FastidiousClostridia’.

When Halifax Transit began using the new service in early 2017, they had a clear goal to make wait times a little more predictable for commuters.

UPDATE: When asked today, a representative for Halifax Transit confirmed to SnowCovered that “there is an approximate 45 second delay from the buses to phones […] if the bus is over 30 minutes late, the schedule times are used.”


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