Halifax Residential Building Destroyed In Major Fire


A structure fire in Fairview has caused the total write-off of a residential building that was in progress of being completed.

“It was supposed to be ready for the tubs to go in on Tuesday,” said Elizabeth Jeanne Brown, the owner of the property.

It wasn’t even two years ago, this same address had fire crews battling a fire that ended in the same result as Friday’s blaze.

Brown, now the witness of seeing her buildings destroyed by fire twice in less than eighteen months, says she believes the two fires were not accidents.

“Somebody wants my land – and they’re going to do whatever it takes to get me out of here,” Brown said.

In a press conference, it was made clear that the fire was very fast-growing, and much too difficult for fire crews to handle upon arrival.

“The house was fully involved when we got here, so we had to go into a defensive positioning,” Halifax Fire District Chief Mike Blackburn said.

The blaze, which fully engulfed the building, seemed to completely destroyed the structure in a matter of minutes.

“The building is a complete write-off, as it collapsed in on itself,” Chief Blackburn said.

Thankfully, Halifax Fire confirmed that there were no residents inside at the time, and there were no reported injuries.


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