Fire In Bedford Leaves One Firefighter With Minor Injuries


Halifax Fire crews where called to a scene around 12 PM, where a caller had stated that they could see smoke showing from a nearby forested area. Halifax Fire sent multiple units to this scene, and had others that where going to make their way down.

It was reported that during the scene, a firefighter was injured due to the heat of the fire and warm temperatures. The condition of the firefighter is unknown, but the injuries are reported to be minor.

Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources was called to the scene as well as one of the helicopters was used to help combat the fire and give an image of the fire.

The cause of the fire is unknown, and will be investigated in the future. This will be the second fire Halifax has had in the last 2 months the last one being on Bissett Rd. on June 11th.

No evacuations where needed as the fire was far enough away from residence.


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