Edmonton Pride Parade Delayed By Protesters


The Edmonton Pride is one of the largest events in Alberta, where thousands of people come to celebrate who they are, all coming down to Whyte Ave. to show off their true colours. This years parade was a little different than others, when the parade was about to begin protesters had emerged and prevented anyone from passing.

The festival’s Board of Directors had sent a representative to help calm down the situation. When the group was confronted they had made several demands prior to them agreeing to move.

“The Pride society uninviting the Edmonton Police Service, The RCMP and Military personnel from attending the parade in the future.”

The Society is to be more inclusive and gather more transgender people and people of colour to help out.

That transgender and people of colour have a space dedicated to them.”

The festival’s coordinators had made a vote to pass the demands of the protesters, in which the parade starting later than normal keeping citizens waiting. Many people have expressed their opinions on twitter some saying that the police should be included to help better relations other state that Law enforcement personal should stay away from the parade until they educate others on the history.

When asked by journalist about how pride had a special place to them Emily krop responded,

“Everyone can be who they are and they don’t have to start off with what they identify as, or who they prefer to date.”

There were lots of events going on and many venders as well. Even though it had rained a couple of times, everyone was very happy to be there and listening to what was said.

“We have quite a bit more to go to be accepted as a society but coming to pride theirs there’s non of that” said Machayla, a citizen attending the parade.

While the parade was a success, it is likely that Edmonton will be seeing some changes for the next parade.


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