Axe Music Store Changing After 38 Years in Edmonton

The store with the now classic “Axe” design.

The very popular Axe Music store will be taking a different path in the coming months.

Brian Holowaychuk from Axe Music released a statement today, stating the store will be sold to Long and McQuade (L&M). In the statement, Holowaychuk thanked all the staff and customers.

The President of Axe Music is soon to be sixty years old, and started Axe Music at just twenty-two in a garage full of dust. The sale will officially be complete as of May 31st, and Long & McQuade will begin moving in the space just off Wayne Gretzky Drive in June.

“I’m ready for a new challenge,” said Holowaychuk. 

Axe Music will be having a sale on items that L&M will not be carrying in the new store. As for the family in the Edmonton store, they will be moving on to other things. On top of providing an abundance of services to people and icons such as Danu5ik, a British DJ who moved to Canada, Axe was also very special by doing charity events.

“I have to face reality. It’s time for me to move on,” he said. 

Rick Shermack will continue as the manager at the Edmonton store, and will continue to keep the store in the right direction. The Calgary store will continue to proceed to close however no date has been released on when. Brian’s son Alan Holowaychuk made a statement on his Facebook page detailing his personal journey from when he was 10, to 17 and till current day this included all the good and bad times as well as the management position Alan was in.

“It is very hard to let go – but important to move forward,” Alan said.

The music community has responded to this in a very positive way, and has continued to show support towards the company. Many, simply by saying “thank you” to the employees or stating how Axe got them into playing music, and many more by saying that Axe was where they got their equipment from.


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