VIDEO | Illegal Turn Causes Three-Car MVA


Edmonton Fire and Rescue received a call Tuesday evening to the area of 97 St. and 137 Avenue, to reports of a motor vehicle accident. A gray Chevrolet Impala had made a left turn, and collided into a white SUV, causing another incident with a Ford Explorer.

EMS arrived on scene and treated victims for minor injuries. Airbags were deployed in two of the three vehicles. There were also fluids leaking out a vehicle, however the fluids were taken care of appropriately. Edmonton Police did however issue a citation to one of the driver, with two vehicles being towed off the scene.

Edmonton Fire & Rescue deal with the collision on Tuesday. Photo: Ethan Mason








“The accident was like a jar of skittles exploding,” said a witness of the accident.

The witness to the event stated that she saw the vehicle speed through the intersection and hit the white SUV like it was trying to beat the light.

“A couple of minutes won’t hurt,” another witness said Tuesday.

Drivers have been and are always encouraged to drive to conditions, and be vigilant about other people on the road.


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